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Terminologiearbeit: Hydraulic Fracturing

Providing translators and other language mediators with consistent terminology will become increasingly important in the future. The use of consistent terminologies saves time during the translation process and improves the quality of the translation product. Systematic terminology work is a useful tool for comprehensively investigating a terminology field. Depending on the translator’s needs, the subject is divided into smaller parts which subsequently are terminologically investigated. This method allows a focused and comprehensive screening of the individual parts.

The search for innovative and high-yield energy sources is being globally discussed; in particular, the subject of hydraulic fracturing is attracting considerable attention. The media, political decision makers, energy suppliers and consumers from all around the world are confronted with this issue. Consistent terminology is of particular importance for clear and effective communication in transnational discussions.


publishing house:  AV Akademikerverlag (2015)
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