Terminology: using the correct technical vocabulary

Use the language that all experts will understand!


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Imagine: You work in a very specialised field that does not have a great many experts. This means it is even more important that you use the correct technical vocabulary. After all, this is the only way that you can understand other experts in this specialist field. Professionals refer to this special vocabulary as terminology.


Terminology work simply involves the systematic development and compilation of technical vocabulary for a certain specialist field. The aim of this task is to create a collection of words for this specific field.

Why is this terminology work so important? Because then any time you submit a text for translation, the translator can refer to this technical vocabulary. Not only does this save time during the translation process, it also increases the quality of the finished translation because standardised terms will be used and translated. Without technical vocabulary, every translation will be different as it will use different terminology.

Does it now make sense why it is so crucial to have (or to commission) the appropriate terminology for your specialist field?

Make sure you have the right technical vocabulary to ensure consistency in your texts and in the subsequent translations.

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