technical translations

Technology is your world and you need the best translation to ensure that your customers understand the technology properly.

Imagine: You have excellent technical products, but finding the right words to describe them in German alone is hard enough.


Produktion mit CNC-Maschine, Bohren und Schweißen und Konstruktionszeichnung im Industriebetrieb.


It is even more important that the translation of these texts is absolutely spot on, otherwise it will be hard to win over your customers.


This is why I immerse myself in your subject, to make sure that I understand exactly what the original text is saying. I also need to use the appropriate specialised terminology to ensure that your customers really understand what you mean.

If there is not yet terminology available for your specialist area then I will be happy to first create the specialised terminology that describes your technical subject matter. Doing so will enable you to use the right vocabulary in future.

Typical texts that I translate: operating manuals, product descriptions, research reports, magazine articles, specialist literature, patent applications and much more.

Other areas that I specialise in and translate:



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