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You know the problem well: You are reading a specialist article but it might as well be in another language. Why is that? Because a specialist article is not written for “everyone”, but rather for experts who understand the subject matter well. Experts use a special language – specialised terminology – that often only they can understand.

To translate a specialist article like it is a “normal” article would mean completely disregarding the specialised terminology. The result would be a catastrophe as no expert would be able to understand the text at a technical level.

It is much more important to be familiar with the specialist terms (the terminology) so that the text can be translated correctly from English into German.

Of course, it is very different if translating operating/assembly instructions or a package insert. These types of text are written for the end user and therefore need to be easy to understand, i.e. written in “normal” language that can be understood by everyone.

Why am I telling you this? To explain that every translation needs specific terminology that is familiar to the reader. Using the right specialised terminology is essential if you want to ensure that your text is translated correctly and at the appropriate specialist level – so that it can be understood by the experts.

This is why I immerse myself in your subject, seeking out the correct terminology and using it in my translation.

My specialist subjects when it comes to terminology and expert knowledge are the following areas:



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